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Prefecture of Chania

The prefecture of Chania is found at the western utmost of the island and is particularly affluent with natural beauties, historical and cultural memories from the distant antiquity up to today. The father of epic poetry reports to Kydones and to Kydonia, as one of the most ancient populations of Crete. The archaeological hoe in the past few years exposes important work of the Minoan Culture in Kasteli, Maleme and in three small villages of Apokoronas: Stilos, Samona and Filaki. 
The archaeological Museum of Chania, which is accommodated with in a reconstructed venetian temple of St. Fragiskos, its filled with marvelous work from the ancient residents of Chania since the 3rd millennium b.C. The findings emanates mainly from the rich archaeological places of Aptera, Minoa, Polirinia, Falasarna, Yrtakinas, Elirou, Lisos, Kantanos, Aradenas, Foinikas, Taras and Kidonias.

A lot of places in Crete are connected with the tradition of Mythology such as: the island of Calypsos, Gaudos which is found at the middlemost point of the lyvian sea, a place of adoration of the local Goddess Diktinas at Menies, the oracle of Apollo at Agia Roumeli, as well as the fortified islets of Souda.
image_11.jpg Christianity is propagated early at the Prefecture of Chania as it appears by important monuments in Chania, Episkopi Kissamou, Almyrida, Kantanos, Lisos, Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Meskla and elsewhere.

In the Byzantine years, or in the years of Venice domination many of the region settlements begin to rise and a lot of monuments are still saved, such as about 350 churches with murals from the 11th up to the 16th century.

In strategic positions of the islands you can also admire impressive fortresses, witnesses of the islands rich history. These are: Gramvousas, Thodorou, Soudas islets, Fragokastelo and Aptera. Peculiar interest also present the monasteries of Chania, such as Gouverneto, Saint Trinity, Xrisopigi, Gonia, Korakies, Karidi and many more.

image_8.jpg The visitors can also enjoy places with historical memory like Theriso where Eleftherios Venizelos declared the revolution for the union of Crete with Greece in 1905. Vamos, Maleme, Sfakia and Kastanos.
For the adorers of nature the plateau of Omalos and many gorges will remain memorable. Also the Samarian Gorge, without exaggeration one of the most sightly natural beauties of Europe.
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