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In a varied but splendid climate, the bridge that connects Europe with Africa, the crossroad of three continents, has kept in green full forests and abrupt gorges the best goods of nature. This island, the biggest in Greece, is a place with tall mountains, green plains, clean beaches and marvelous people

Crete holds a lot of surprises in its variform nature. Palmy woods, famous gorges, wild nature, tall mountains meet magical plateaus and then the clear blue waters of the Cretan sea. The beaches will welcome you with soft waves that carry elements from ancient civilizations of distant places.

Crete also holds a great story that riches to the 7th millennium b.C.. It’s the islands that brought us the Minoan civilization with the buildings of perfect architecture while since the religious years of the Byzantine many monasteries up until nowadays have been preserved. In Crete a rich full culture has been cultivated while unique traditions, music, dances which still leave their stains even in the current modern way of life.

A great piece of Crete’s infrequent beauty is its people. The hospitable Cretans, proud of their origin and their land will easily invite you in a Cretan feast. Or will welcome you in a small café enjoying raki and making you feel part of the place. Do not hesitate to approach them.

Crete is a mixture of marvelous civilizations and cultures of the past, but also a world that lives and continuously originates new traditions. On the northern and internal part of the island, exist six big cities: (Heraclion, Chania, Rethymno, Agios Nikolaos, Ierapetra, Sitia) with different beauties and traditions, which surely deserves your visit. Crete is separated in four prefectures. (Chania, Rethymno, Heraclion and Lasithi)

A place of history, culture and feasts offers you its smile and you welcomes in the mysterious but familiar world of Cretans.
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