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Almirida abstains 22 kilometres from Chania and its a graphic coastal village with splendid climate, which only the last past years have been developed in a tourist resort. It could be characterized as the ideal destination for all those who seek in their interruptions a quiet place with natural beauty that wish to enjoy the sun and the clean sea.

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In the northeastward of the prefecture of Chania, visitor meets one of the five boroughs of the prefecture, the borough of Apokoronas. Apokoronas has an extend of 313 sq kilometers (98 flat, 103 semi mountainous, 112 mountainous) and it is constituted by 5 municipalities. The province of Apokoronas numbers 34 traditional villages and 12.623 residents (inventory 2001) 

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The City of Chania

Crete’s most poetic city leaves you a pleasant beauty gustation when you walk it by feet. Built on the ruins of ancient city Kidonia, has faced many invaders, but also experienced civilizations of which their imprints appear on the facades of buildings, castles, walls, antiquities, monasteries and churches. The city has two entrances, the airport at the cape and the harbor of Souda (the biggest in the Aegean).  

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Prefecture of Chania

The prefecture of Chania is found at the western utmost of the island and is particularly affluent with natural beauties, historical and cultural memories from the distant antiquity up to today. The father of epic poetry reports to Kydones and to Kydonia, as one of the most ancient populations of Crete. The archaeological hoe in the past few years exposes important work of the Minoan Culture in Kasteli, Maleme and in three small villages of Apokoronas: Stilos, Samona and Filaki. 

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In a varied but splendid climate, the bridge that connects Europe with Africa, the crossroad of three continents, has kept in green full forests and abrupt gorges the best goods of nature. This island, the biggest in Greece, is a place with tall mountains, green plains, clean beaches and marvelous people

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